i-motion's cutting-edge EMS technology for Aesthetic, Beauty, and Wellness Centers

Wellness Centers, Beauty Salons, and Spas are experiencing rapid growth, driven by heightened awareness and demand for a fit physique and appealing appearance particularly due to imposed influence of social media. However, this surge in popularity also brings forth heightened competition among establishments in the industry.

Customers seeking body remodeling services have high expectations for visible results, and they often expect to see significant improvements in a short period. Failing to meet these expectations may lead them to explore alternatives elsewhere. Hence, it’s imperative for esthetic centers to offer a unique proposition that provides efficient, rapid, and exclusive services. This distinct offering sets them apart from competitors and ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Esthetic centers and Med Spas that are using i-model or i-shape Esthetic EMS systems with passive treatment are witnessing a surge in new customers and experiencing improved customer retention rates. The remarkable effectiveness, speed, and early visibility of results achieved through our i-motion EMS Esthetic body sculpting systems can truly set your center apart.

Differentiate your Clinic with the Best Body Remodeling Treatments

Designed for women and men who want to sculpt their figure without any invasive procedures or medication, our i-motion body remodeling systems use the most advanced EMS technology that has been scientifically assessed and proven in different areas of the aesthetics industry over time.

Passive therapy with i-motion EMS esthetic technology can simultaneously augment buttocks, firm pelvic floor, tone the skin, burn fat, reduce abdomen and cellulite. But that’s not all. With i-model and i-shape esthetic you can monitor how many calories are burnt in each session with i-motion’s patented e-kal funcion.

Benefits and results of i-motion remodeling more than 40,000 passive muscle contractions in a single session

Strengths of i-model & i-shape EMS Systems

25 minutes session, 2 times weekly (4-8 weeks regimen)

Passive muscle contractions (without any physical activity)

Effortless, quick visible results

Body remodeling and fat loss (with muscle mass gain)

Metabolic acceleration and caloric consumption

Measure electro-kilocalories

FDA CLEARED. Quality and safety certifications

The i-motion EMS esthetic Systems are precisely engineered to simultaneously work up all major muscle groups: Lower Back, Gluteus, Abductors, Hamstrings, Abdominals, Obliques, Quadriceps, Calves, Biceps, and Triceps.

Precise Engineering

A 28-day treatment plan of 20-30 minutes sessions, 2-3 times weekly, can provide adequate body tone and reshape over the same session, through passive muscular contractions of targeted areas of the body.

Reshape and Tone

Electrical impulses involuntarily generated by i-motion EMS system simultaneously stimulate 8-10 muscle groups of the body causing muscle and skin tone, elimination of fat and reduced abdomen, caloric consumption, metabolic and hormonal changes, and elimination of fluids and toxins.

E-Kcal (Electro-Calorie)

Both, i-model and i-shape esthetic have a E-Kcal (electro-calorie) measurement system that measures calorie consumption by reference and is based on a series of parameters, intensity, frequency, weight, height, age, and gender, which are used for the calculation of electro-calories.

Benefits of i-model & i-shape for your Center

  • Visible, efficient, fast, and exclusive results
  • No need of a clinical provider (automatic results)
  • Your center stands out among all other centers
  • Treating several clients at same time
  • Receiving other treatments while doing the EMS
  • Allows you to free up space in the agenda (services less than 30 minutes)
  • Increasing cross-selling
  • Improving customer retention
  • Easy installation
  • Takes no space in your center
  • Does not increase operational costs
  • No maintenance cost
  • Quick amortization
  • FDA CLEARED. Quality and safety certifications
Faster & More Effective Results

Grow Your Business with Us

Benefits of i-model & i-shape for your Clients

  • Visible and guaranteed results in a 28-day single treatment
  • Passive, no physical activity, effortless results
  • Lying down on a treatment bed (or most comfortable position)
  • Can receive other treatments at the same time
  • Body remodeling with increased muscle and skin tone
  • Fat loss, cellulite reduction, reduced abdomen
  • Safe for all ages

Esthetic Benefits

  • Safe and effective therapy for aches and pain (sciatic, arthritic, contracture pains)
  • Fast recovery from sports and workout pain
  • Strengthening of pelvic floor
  • Alleviates urinary incontinence
  • Prevents joint and back pain
  • Great recovery of loosed muscle for senior clients
  • Safe and fast recovery of postpartum changes

i-model and i-shape esthetic produce muscle contractions that penetrate the deepest muscle fibers that other conventional workouts can’t reach. Adding the oxidation or burning of fatty acids from the metabolism activity accelerated during the EMS session and up to 72 hours after the session, the result is an effective and visible improvement in the muscle tone and appearance of the skin and figure. Another benefit is the increase of muscle temperature and improvement of blood and lymph circulation, resulting on draining of accumulated liquids and expelling of toxins.

The passive exercise of the EMS treatment tones and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, reinforcing the anatomical region that supports the lower abdominal muscles and regulating sphincters, for proper functioning. Not toning this area may result in sexual disorders and urinary incontinence, among others. Clients who are experiencing postpartum or post-operative effects may sustain loose skin, pelvic floor discomfort and urinary incontinence.

Components of I-Motion Esthetic Systems

Discover the excellence of our products and technological system, exclusively manufactured in Spain by i-motion EMS group

Ideal for Toning And Remodeling Upper Body, Abdomen, Core, and Lower Body.


  • 22 electrodes to train up to 9 muscle groups at the same time.
  • Possibility of combining sizes of top and bottom.
Ideal for Toning And Remodeling Upper Body, Abdomen, Core, and Lower Body.
  • 16 electrodes to train up to 6 muscle groups at the same time. Easy to place on the user.
State-of-the-Art Wireless Connection Module: WCM
  • Light and compact wireless technology
  • Intelligent pulses
  • No cables integrated long-lasting battery
  • 16 hours of autonomy
  • Chronaxie with pulse adaptation for each muscle group
  • Sequential currents
  • Lion-ion Battery: Maximum performance throughout the therapy and up to 8 hours of uninterrupted work
  • EMS device International Certifications
Versatile & Intelligent Software Always Under Continuous Development
  • Best APP in the market for beauty and remodeling<
  • Bluetooth 4.0: offer your clients maximum comfort<
  • Allows simultaneous treatments<
  • Hands free system<
  • Includes tablet with i-motion app<
  • Totally wireless control from tablet<
  • Works 10 areas simultaneously<
  • Support provided by experts<
  • Included E-Kcal (electro-calorie) measurement<

Hear from our clients

In Body Extreme we have been training with i-motion for 5 years and it has been a great experience. i-motion has allowed us to train great sports professionals such as Karim Benzema whom I have been training for 8 years. Karim has developed an exceptional physical condition at the age of 35, allowing him to reach the top in 2022 by winning the Ballon d’Or

Javier Atalaya

Karim Benzema P.T

i-motion has helped me to improve my business. Since I have my own i-motion club, my activity has increased as I can offer a different kind of training to my clients. It is very versatile as I can train my clients indoors, outdoors and at their homes.

Denis Lotta

Gym Owner

i-motion is a very useful device for slimming, toning, gaining mass, before and after surgery. My clients are fully satisfied with the training time because in only 20 minutes they achieve excellent results and because they are able to have more free time compared to a gym session.

Antonio Cozzolino

Personal Trainer

For me, i-motion is not just a training system, it’s a lifestyle. EMS training as an international and professional hockey player in the Austrian league has increased my physical efficiency.

Ahmed Mansour

Personal Trainer

I have been training with i-motion for over 2 years, both at the i-motion club London centre and at home and all my clients would not trade this equipment for anything.

Cruz Mazdeu

Personal Trainer

Client Results

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