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Nowadays, most of us care about maintaining good physical condition and a healthy lifestyle without the use of medications or invasive procedures. But most customers seeking body workouts and fitness expect tangible results within a short timeframe, or they may seek alternative centers. As a result, gyms and fitness studios are opening all over, but soon confronting tough competition.

This is why it’s important to look for “that one product that offers an efficient, fast, and exclusive” fitness program and can make your business stand out among all other centers. Without a doubt, the effective, fast, and early visible results of our professional EMS systems will make that difference for your business.

Differentiate your Center with the Best Professional EMS Fitness Workouts

In only 20 minutes you can:

Save Time and Tone Your Body

You may spend more time in the gym and, still, can’t get the results you get with 20 minutes of EMS.

Crush Your Goals Faster

Reach the deepest muscle fibers that are not possible to reach in conventional training sessions.

Achieve Antiaging Results

Exercising with EMS makes the metabolism remain activated for more than 72-hours, increasing calorie consumption and blood flow, causing fat burning, toxins elimination and cellulite reduction

Improve Your Posture and Recover Injuries

Easily improve the posture, pelvic floor, abs, and even the shoulders. Aside of fitness training, it can be interesting for people who suffer pain or incapacity from specific ailments, or who are going to begin rehabilitation.

Balance Out Muscular Imbalances

Fix muscular imbalances, musculoskeletal conditions, or underdeveloped muscles in your body targeting the affected muscle groups with the right placement of electrodes, EMS can fix muscular imbalances, musculoskeletal conditions, or underdeveloped muscles in your body targeting the affected muscle groups with the right placement of EMS systems electrodes..

Relieve Joint Pain

EMS training will not put additional pressure on your joints, unlike regular training with weights and machines.

How does EMS (Electro-muscular stimulation) work? More than 40,000 muscle contractions in a single session.

Developed to carry out integral electrostimulation, i-motion professional EMS systems can activate more than 300 muscles simultaneously for an estimated total of 40,000 muscle contractions in each 20-minute session. I-motion EMS embraces the latest technology to achieve unbeatable results in muscle toning; body remodeling and weight loss; physical improvement, rehabilitation, pain reduction, and more. I-motion EMS technology targets a wide niche market working in the sectors of sports, aesthetics, and health, helping them to grow their businesses by adapting them to new consumer needs.

i-motion EMS fitness systems functions using a wireless body suit (i-motion EMS or i-shape Sport) with several carefully located electrodes inside the suit, that connects to a compact module that emitted harmless, low intensity, mid-frequency electric impulses to the desired muscle groups, thus generating involuntary muscle contractions that attempt to imitate the impulses that the nervous system sends.


Become a Part of the New Ems Fitness movement!

Our Professional EMS Fitness Product

Improve your business by offering the most reliable product in EMS training, workout, and rehab.

The i-motion Professional EMS equipment has been engineered and manufactured in Spain from local materials. It consists of a central unit (Tablet or screen) with proprietary i-motion software; the workout suit where the electrodes are carefully placed (Bio-Jacket); and a wireless communication module (WCM module) to conduct the training session.


I-Motion EMS Or I-Shape Sport
  • Manufactured entirely in Spain
  • A two-piece body suit -shorts & vest with arm straps, or a one-piece model
  • Lasting life is greater than competition and the maintenance is very minimal.
  • A total of 26 integrated electrodes housed in 26 pads and mapped to all your major muscle groups and accessing more than half of our 650 muscles.

Our suits have been proven to have the longest life and maintain over the years the same values of all exercising parameters.

More than just workout gear, our body suits are engineered for results. Wireless controlled, highly flexible, crafted from high-performance, hygienic materials, every element is designed with care to perform the most efficient indoor and outdoor, personal and group EMS sessions.

Pioneering the EMS Market with a System that Develops a Sequence of Intelligent Impulses Precisely On Each Muscle Group
  • Our Wireless Communication Module V21 is your power source and precise translator. This compact device communicates wirelessly with the App, ensuring that each impulse is perfectly timed and customized to your workouts or treatments with maximum freedom of movement
  • A Bluetooth module class 1 (100 meters) manufactured by USA Microchip and internationally approved ensuring its radio spectrum is not harmful
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries 3400mA (autonomy up to 16 hours)
  • International certifications
We are always in Continuous Development. That's One Of Our Greatest Strengths Compared To Others On The EMS Market.
  • With possible use in any country of the world, the smart EMS software automatically recalibrates the programs within a training protocol and is capable of intelligently self-adjusting the intensity of the impulse on each muscle group.
  • With an added E-KCAL (electro-kilocalorie) meter that allows you to calculate caloric expenditure during the session and even after.

Get started today with i-motion EMS

What is it about that has made i-motion professional EMS so popular in over 60 countries?


Just 20 minutes full-body workout vs. 1-2 hours conventional workouts


Actives up to 90% of muscle fiber vs. 50% with conventional training


Whether you are a pro or a beginner, our versatile EMS fitness system adjusts to your needs.


Targets slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, promoting balanced muscle growth and development.


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From muscle mass gain, or damage regeneration, to calorie consumption, fat loss, or cellulite reduction.


A gentle, yet powerful, low-impact fitness that prioritizes joint and spinal health FDA approved.



Hear from our clients

In Body Extreme we have been training with i-motion for 5 years and it has been a great experience. i-motion has allowed us to train great sports professionals such as Karim Benzema whom I have been training for 8 years. Karim has developed an exceptional physical condition at the age of 35, allowing him to reach the top in 2022 by winning the Ballon d’Or

Javier Atalaya

Karim Benzema P.T

i-motion has helped me to improve my business. Since I have my own i-motion club, my activity has increased as I can offer a different kind of training to my clients. It is very versatile as I can train my clients indoors, outdoors and at their homes.

Denis Lotta

Gym Owner

i-motion is a very useful device for slimming, toning, gaining mass, before and after surgery. My clients are fully satisfied with the training time because in only 20 minutes they achieve excellent results and because they are able to have more free time compared to a gym session.

Antonio Cozzolino

Personal Trainer

For me, i-motion is not just a training system, it’s a lifestyle. EMS training as an international and professional hockey player in the Austrian league has increased my physical efficiency.

Ahmed Mansour

Personal Trainer

I have been training with i-motion for over 2 years, both at the i-motion club London centre and at home and all my clients would not trade this equipment for anything.

Cruz Mazdeu

Personal Trainer

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